Snackable Video

We’re the experts who creatively organize, maximize and optimize your video presence and power.

Snackable works on a small $2000 monthly contract. Here's what you get:


Get unlimited phone or email access for any and all conversations regarding your video projects. Use us as your resource from pre-production through post and delivery.

This includes

Ideation and collaboration on creative briefs; developing schedules, shooting scripts, and shot lists; advice on best practices for production, delivery, and distribution.


Each month, we'll create up to two minutes of new video for you made from your existing library of content. You're making great content - allow us to maximize it for you.

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Additional Services

As you need it, we can also offer affordable professional video production if you need us to help generate content from scratch.

Any production we perform will always including a minimum of two cameras, a sound mixer, lighting, and all other gear needed for professional broadcast video.

We also offer the additional services of organizing, curating, and optimizing all of your existing media assets and act as the delivery arm of your organization.

Here to help

Think of us as your Video Genies! In addition to creating a new video for you every month, we can customize your videos for proper optimization on every social platform, increasing your effectiveness and ROI. And it’s not just editing. We can collaborate with you from ideation through completion: we can create your shot lists, polish/write your scripts and create the perfect interview questions, whether you're interviewing your CEO or shooting testimonials with your biggest client. We're with you every step of the way.

Experienced Support

With 30 years of show business experience, we know what it takes to create and distribute effective video. Let us apply that knowledge to your projects.


Use us as much or as little as you need at a time. We can act as a full creative department, your editing guru or a video tech consultant. Entirely up to you.

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Seth Krugliak

Founder / CEO

Seth is the creative force behind Snackable Video. Originally from Canton, Ohio, he's been creating promo and marketing video for the networks and studios for longer than he'd like to admit to being alive.

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